Autonomous real-time control of a mobile vehicle

Two-Wheeled Unstable Transporter

Demonstration of a gap adjustment among the shaft and bearing

Magnetic Bearing

Practical verification of advanced linear and nonlinear control methods

Multi Tank

The automotive engineering system to control the wheel slip

ABS Antilock Braking System

The frictionless electromagnetic control systems

Magnetic Levitation Systems

Laboratory model of industrial gantry crane controlled from PC

3D Crane

The fourth order, nonlinear and unstable real-time control system

Pendulum & Cart Control System

The Multi Input Multi Output (MIMO) strongly cross-coupled control system

Two Rotor Aerodynamical System

The control goal: to track a trajectory and not to swing the load

Tower Crane

An easy to reconfigure set-up to demonstrate servo control problems

Modular Servo

Hardware reconfigurable by software. Real-time measurements and controls

RT-DAC USB 2.0 I/0 Module, RT-DAC PCI Board

Similar in operation to the RT-DAC board but for the PCI Express bus

Digital RT-DAC PCI Express Board

Educational Product Controls


Control Moment Gyroscope

Model 750

Industrial Plant Emulator

Model 220